Children with no Offspring

Henry 1842 - 1844

Henry died from his injuries after an accident in the families hut where his clothing caught fire. The accident occurred on the evening of 6th November 1844 and he lingered until the morning of the 8th November when he died.

Elizabeth 1852 - 1854

Elizabeth was the eighth child and second daughter of William and Sarah. She only lived for two years.

Mary Ann 1854 - 1855

Mary Ann was the ninth child and third daughter and died as a baby.

Sarah Jane 1856 - 1925

Sarah was the tenth child and fourth daughter and was born at Oakleigh on 23rd December 1856. She married William Glover Benson and they didn't have any children. Three Benson brothers married three of William and Sarah's daughters - Sarah Jane, Hannah Maria and Alice.

Emma 1858 - 1859

Emma was the eleventh child and fiifth daughter and she only lived for one year.

Hannah Maria 1859 - 1884

Hannah was the twelfth child and sixth daughter and was born on 4th November 1859. She married Frederick Walter Benson but she died in childbirth of her first child on 27th November 1884 at the age of 25.

John Thomas 1861 - 1863

John was the thirteenth child and seventh son. He only lived for two years.