Charles was the sixth child and fifth son. He was born at Little Brighton on 7th November 1848.

He married Mary Ann Kingston Clarke on 24th March 1869. They spent the first half of their married life living at Clifton Hill where their family of 8 girls and 3 boys were born (3 died in infancy)

Most of the family grew up in Clifton Hill but Charles returned to Hawthorn Road, East Brighton at a residence called "Charlestone"

Charles was remembered as a tall man with a snow white beard, always with a pocket full of peppermints. He was known to ride his bike around Brighton at the age of 70 plus. He took a keen interest in the Methodist Church as his parents had done earlier. Mary Ann was a clever attractive, artistic and practical lady remembered as carefully padding her silver hair, and her bustle, putting on her red moire petticoat, then her black apron on which she wore a metal belt and chain to hold her pencil and scissors as she was a clever seamstress and milliner. She was also know to be a clever musician and cabinet maker.

Charles died at the age of 82 years and was buried at the Brighton Cemetery.